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BAIC Vehicle Finance Options

At Group1, we understand that buying a car can be an expensive proposition. That’s why we provide you with several attractive BAIC finance offers to help you get the vehicle you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re looking for a new or used car, our flexible BAIC financing packages make it easier than ever to get a high-quality, reliable car without draining your budget.

BAIC car finance is typically secured through instalment financing where your monthly repayments are calculated based on the purchase price of the car you want to buy. It is usually structured according to a payment term of between one and six years. While a longer repayment term will mean lower monthly instalments, it will incur more interest.

Depending on your needs, our BAIC financial services may provide you with a balloon payment option. What does this mean for you? A balloon payment is popular for anyone who would prefer a lower instalment without having to pay a large deposit. In this instance, a portion of the vehicle’s purchase price will be set aside to lower your monthly repayments but you will still owe the bank this amount at the end of your car finance contract.

Complete Your BAIC Car Finance Online

We believe BAIC vehicle financing should be effortless which is why we’ve made our online application process as simple as possible. To help you even more, we’ve also developed a car finance calculator to give you a better idea of your estimated costs based on the vehicle you would like to purchase.

For added convenience, we have a dedicated BAIC financial services consultant at the dealership ready to answer any questions you may have while providing you with professional advice every step of the way.

Use our vehicle finance calculator on this page for a more detailed breakdown of your repayments based on the car you like and to get in touch with a salesperson to help get your application started. Our team is here to help find the best BAIC vehicle finance deal for you.


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