Frequently Asked Questions About Group1 BAIC Cars

What are the benefits of choosing Group1 BAIC?

At Group1 BAIC, we understand that superior customer service is the foundation of a profitable business and strive to provide you with nothing short of exceptional customer care. On top of offering premium vehicles at competitive prices, our commitment to delivering reliable service is unmatched. If you’re satisfied with your experience, we’d be grateful if you could spread the word about us!

Do you often run BAIC specials and promotions?

Absolutely! Our Group1 BAIC special offers are the ultimate way to save on your next car purchase. Plus, you can take advantage of additional deals on BAIC vehicles. To see our current BAIC promotions and special offers, visit our Group1 BAIC Specials page.

Where are the Group1 BAIC dealerships located?

Our Group1 BAIC car dealerships are in Strand (Western Cape), Midrand and Alberton (Gauteng) with easy access and expertly trained BAIC car technicians ready to assist in any way they can. For added convenience, we can deliver your new BAIC wherever you are in South Africa through our national delivery service.

Does Group1 sell new and used BAIC vehicles?

At BAIC, we have something for everyone. Not only do we provide new BAIC vehicles but also quality used BAIC cars from the Group1 Auto group along with many other brands. If you’re interested in discovering our selection of pre-owned cars, visit our Used Vehicles for Sale page to see what’s available.

What guarantees do I get when buying a pre-owned vehicle?

If you are in the market for a pre-owned BAIC, rest assured that our team of automotive experts inspects and verifies all vehicles before they leave our dealership. Plus, when you purchase from Group1 BAIC we will provide complimentary roadworthy checks for as long as you own your car!

What would you be willing to pay for my car as a trade-in?

We understand the importance of securing a precise valuation on your car when looking to purchase a new vehicle or to secure financing. Connect with Group1 BAIC today and request an appraisal from our knowledgeable team regarding trade-in valuation. With their expertise, you can rest assured that you will receive the best value for your money!

Do you sell demo vehicles?

You’ll be pleased to know that we proudly provide our clients with some of the best quality BAIC demo vehicles in South Africa at great prices.

Are you BAIC experts?

Without question! We possess an in-depth comprehension of BAIC vehicles, and our staff is comprised of individuals who have a true passion for the BAIC brand. But don’t just take our word for it – stop by one of our BAIC showrooms or BAIC service centres to experience first-hand what makes us so enthusiastic about this remarkable company.

Do you know about other cars too?

As one of the few mega dealerships in South Africa, we are true car professionals with extensive knowledge of all types and makes of vehicles – both new and second-hand. We can also offer services to cars from different brands at our Strand (Western Cape), Midrand or Alberton centres for added convenience.

How does BAIC compare with other car manufacturers?

Although BAIC vehicles are relatively new to the South African market, they provide some of the best value for money. They are stylish, modern, reliable and filled with a plethora of standard safety features that you would usually pay a premium for in other car brands. With BAIC cars, you will get an unparalleled driving experience at an unbeatable price.

Which BAIC vehicles and BAIC SUVs are available?

While the BAIC brand has been around for a few years, the next-generation models are relatively new so we have two of the very best new BAIC cars for sale, including the BAIC Beijing X55 and the BAIC B40 Plus. That said, be sure to keep updated as we announce more BAIC vehicles coming soon!

Do you offer a delivery service for my new or used vehicle?

Yes, we can! While we are based in the Western Cape and Gauteng, we have a well-established national vehicle delivery service that allows you to take advantage of amazing BAIC vehicle prices, regular BAIC promotions and excellent Group1 BAIC customer service regardless of where you are located in South Africa. Contact your nearest showroom to find out more and be sure to follow our BAIC blog for all of the latest motoring news and new vehicle launches.

Are there BAIC family cars?

Without a doubt! The cars from BAIC are well-known for their dependability and value, making it no surprise that the Beijing X55 and B40 Plus vehicles are such standouts. For families, these two models provide superior comfort levels as well as many safety and convenience features – all at an unbeatable price compared to other luxury brands. If you would like to find out more about any of the BAIC range of cars, head over to our New Vehicles page now!

How do I book a car service at BAIC?

For an effortless experience, book your BAIC service with us! Just give us a ring and we’ll make sure to find the most suitable time for you. Can’t call? No worries – simply log onto our website’s Book A Service page, send in all pertinent information about your vehicle (including odometer reading and any problems that need to be inspected), and we’ll get back to you right away. Our comprehensive booking system provides peace of mind knowing that every issue will be thoroughly looked at during your BAIC service!


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