The Giant Behind BAIC Cars Part 2 – Driven by Culture and Innovation Strategy

BAIC's Road To Excellence: Part 2

BAIC’s Road To Excellence: Part 2

At the very core of any successful organization lies its corporate culture – the lifeblood of an organization, influencing its identity, values, and approach to operations. For the BAIC Group, corporate culture is exemplified by their brand philosophy, “Our ways · Your wish,” which places customers at the heart of their operations. They are firmly committed to fulfilling customer desires through innovation and adaptability, aligning their strategies with the dynamic preferences of their clientele.

“Moving forward, Following laws, Benefiting the world”

This concise yet profound statement captures the essence of BAIC’s corporate culture. It embodies the core values and principles that guide the company.

Moving Forward: This principle exemplifies a forward-looking mindset. BAIC acknowledges the importance of progress, whether in terms of technological advancement, sustainable practices, or personal development. The idea of “movement” extends beyond just vehicles to include people and nature, highlighting the interconnectedness of all these elements. It reflects the company’s aspiration to not only survive but thrive in a rapidly changing world, making it an integral part of its corporate culture.

Following Laws: In the context of BAIC’s corporate culture, “Following Laws” goes beyond legal compliance. It symbolizes a commitment to ethical conduct, both in business operations and personal behavior. It encompasses adherence to driving rules for cars, which promotes safety and aligns with the laws of nature, signifying a dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Benefiting the World: This principle represents the company’s broader purpose and commitment to social responsibility. BAIC recognizes that it can contribute positively to society and the world by creating “good things” that enhance people’s travel experiences.

Cultivating a Culture of Innovation for Lasting Success

Innovation is at the heart of BAIC’s strategy for future success. The company has actively responded to China’s national goal of “carbon peak, carbon neutral” by prioritizing new energy and intelligent network connection technologies.

By investing in these areas, BAIC is aligning with global sustainability trends and positioning itself as a leader in the growing electric and connected vehicle markets. This commitment to innovation extends to developing high-end manufacturing and products, ensuring that BAIC remains at the forefront of the automotive industry.

The concept of “High-New-Special” epitomizes BAIC Group’s innovation strategy. “High” denotes a focus on high efficiency and quality, ensuring that BAIC’s products and processes meet the highest standards. “New” signifies a dedication to exploring and adopting the latest technologies, particularly in new energy and intelligent networks. “Special” underlines the company’s commitment to developing exceptional offerings that set BAIC apart from its competitors.

BAIC’s commitment to innovation and high-quality engineering comes to life through the unique vehicle models listed below:

  • BJ40 PLUS
  • BJ40 SE
  • BJ80
  • F40
  • X35
  • X55 II
  • ALL NEW X7
  • X7
  • U5 PLUS
  • EU5

Whether your preference leans toward an urban-friendly model or a robust SUV for your adventures, the BAIC range of vehicles offers a diverse selection to match your lifestyle and driving needs. At Group 1, we’re proud to present an exceptional lineup of BAIC cars, including the stylish Beijing X55, BAIC B40 Plus, and the BAIC B80 (coming soon).

Schedule your test drive today and experience firsthand what these vehicles have to offer.

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