BAIC’s Innovations In Off-Road Tech

BAIC’s Innovations In Off-Road Technology Uncovered

BAIC’s Innovations In Off-Road Technology Uncovered

Chinese automaker, BAIC is making major moves to target the rapidly growing off-road market with significant strides in applying advanced technologies and new energy vehicle developments to overlanders. No doubt, their speciality off-road vehicle factory, which won the ‘National Green Factory Award’ and ‘China’s Best Factory Digital Competition Excellence Award’, has played a major role in these innovations.

Let’s explore some of BAIC’s most promising innovations transforming off-road mobility.

New Off-Road Launches

Since both electric and self-driving vehicle technology development in the off-road segment is still in its beginning stages, BAIC has been driving innovation in this area.

BAIC launched several off-road models in 2022, including the BAIC BJ60, BJ40 Plus, BJ40 SE and B80 variants.

The BJ60 SUV

The new BAIC BJ60 SUV model is inspired by BAIC’s legendary BJ212 Jeep that has operated for decades across rugged western China terrain. The all-new BJ60 has adopted a similarly bold, boxy design along with impressive off-roading capability.

To create a highly competitive off-roader, BAIC engineers have equipped the BJ60 with key features like:

  • 2.0L or 2.3L turbocharged engine options capable of output over 250 horsepower
  • Integrated 2-speed transfer box with secure 4×4 modes to adapt to varied surface traction
  • Front and rear electronic differential locks improve hill climb and rocky grade control
  • Custom-tuned long-travel off-road suspension providing high ground clearance and suspension articulation
  • All-terrain tires wrapped around 17-inch wheels ready for extreme expeditions

With over 10,000 pre-orders and 3,000 units sold in just its first month post-launch, the BJ60 hit the Chinese domestic market to rave enthusiasm given its optimal balance of modern comfort and serious 4×4 capabilities.

The BJ80 Prototype

One of BAIC’s most interesting recent developments is the BJ80 prototype – an electric light utility off-roader designed for agility. Key tech highlights include:

  • Proprietary eAxle module integrating high-efficiency motor, silicon carbide inverter and single-speed gearbox tailored for off-road duty cycles. It delivers 120 kW continuous power and 280 Nm instant torque.
  • Intelligent Terrain Recognition system uses stereovision and LIDAR coupled with sensor fusion algorithms to identify surface traction parameters and terrain obstacles in real time.
  • Quad steering mode where all four wheels can angle laterally to reduce turn radius for tight switchbacks and technical manoeuvres. This enables virtual ‘crab walking’.
  • Ultra-wideband V2X communications support advanced driver assist features plus let vehicles share telemetry for functions like autonomous convoying.

Though in the early stages, the modular, high-tech BJ80 platform demonstrates BAIC’s expanding capabilities developing specialised electric drivetrains and advanced chassis control algorithms suited for off-road mobility.

Strategic Partnerships

Recognising off-road mobility requires specialised expertise across many domains, BAIC has entered strategic partnerships with leading players in areas like tires, suspension components and electric powertrain systems to jointly engineer optimal solutions.

BAIC has deepened cooperation with leading enterprises in the industrial chain, jointly promoted the commercial application of autonomous cars with Baidu, jointly developed self-driving mass-production models with Huawei, and established strategic cooperative relations with state-owned enterprises in Beijing such as Beijing Energy Holding Co., Ltd., Beijing Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd. and Beijing Enterprises Group Co., Ltd., thus complementing each other’s advantages and achieving win-win cooperation.

These collaborations likely involve working with industry partners and government-backed companies to integrate BAIC’s vehicles with new technologies and explore use cases that align with Chinese state initiatives around areas like vehicle electrification, connectivity, autonomy and sustainability.

There is also talk of an exploratory joint project which hints at an anticipated BAIC off-road concept vehicle coming at a major 2024 auto show.

Testing of New Systems

BAIC has also been testing autonomous driving and hydrogen storage systems with potential off-road applications.

In terms of hydrogen fuel, the first hydrogen internal combustion engine was successfully sparked, which is a key step toward an efficient zero-carbon engine. BAIC FOTON is equipped with a 120 kW battery system and 385L large capacity onboard hydrogen storage system for the first time.

BAIC has also been testing autonomous vehicle systems for off-road environments evidenced by attaining a Beijing licence for the on-road piloting of the L4 self-driving platform with over 3,500km of trials conducted based on released corporate updates.

In terms of the off-road market, BAIC certainly is making strides to bring advanced technology to this market segment.

Interested in a BAIC?

If you are in the market for a high-tech off-road BAIC vehicle then check out the B40 Plus or B80 soon to be launched – both available in South Africa.

Keep up to date with the latest BAIC developments! Follow BAIC on Facebook and visit and be the first to know the latest news from the manufacturer.

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