Introducing The BAIC BJ30: An All-New Rugged And Refined Crossover Sensation

The All-New Rugged BAIC BJ30 Unveiled!

The All-New Rugged BAIC BJ30 Unveiled!

BAIC has raised the bar in the SUV segment with the release of the all-new 2024 BJ30. Unveiled to great fanfare at Auto China in Beijing, this ‘light off-roader’ is poised to captivate adventure seekers and urban explorers alike with its potent blend of rugged capabilities and sophisticated styling.

On March 21, BAIC officially launched the new generation BJ30 hybrid edition, marking a significant milestone in the brand’s commitment to delivering exceptional vehicles. Adopting the latest design language and boasting an array of cutting-edge features.

Square But Sophisticated Features

Bidding farewell to its predecessor, which turned heads with its distinctive design inspired by the iconic Jeep and Range Rover, the all-new BJ30 ushers in a new era of masculine yet refined styling. BAIC’s designers have crafted the BJ30 based on the ‘square box’ design concept, drawing inspiration from the larger BJ40 while infusing it with a touch of sophistication.

The front fascia is an immediate attention-grabber, with its boxy LED headlights and covered grille seamlessly integrated into a single panel, creating a distinctive look reminiscent of a pair of stylish glasses. The unpainted bumpers, adorned with skid plates, blend with the glossy black fenders and side skirts, lending the BJ30 an undeniable off-road presence that commands respect on any terrain. At the rear, the vertically stacked LED tail lights exude a sense of modernity.

Comfortable And Adventure-Ready

Stepping inside the BJ30 has a spacious and tech-savvy interior. A large dual-screen setup, comprising 10.25-inch and 14.6-inch monitors, takes centre stage.

The versatile seating configuration of the 2024 newcomer allows adventurers to adapt the interior to their needs, with the option of folding down the front seats to accommodate an optional bed accessory for camping enthusiasts. The rear seats can be folded flat, creating an impressive 1920mm of cargo space, perfect for carrying extra-large items with ease.

Balancing Performance And Efficiency

Powering this impressive crossover is a potent 1.5T hybrid system, delivering a perfect balance of performance and efficiency. BAIC has also equipped the BJ30 with an All-Terrain Control System, enabling multiple driving modes that enhance its adaptability across various terrains, from city streets to rugged off-road trails.

While not a dedicated off-road vehicle, the BJ30 boasts impressive capabilities, with an approach angle of 25°, a departure angle of 30°, and a longitudinal passing angle of 21°. The maximum ground clearance reaches an impressive 215mm, ensuring that the BJ30 can tackle even the most challenging terrain with confidence.

With its distinctive styling, versatile interior, and capable powertrain, the all-new BAIC BJ30 promises to redefine the crossover segment and captivate drivers seeking a blend of adventure and sophistication.

Although we don’t have any news on whether the all-new BAIC BJ30 will hit South African shores, there is an array of BAIC vehicles available that may also tickle your fancy. Go have a browse and find your fit.

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