BAIC SUVs Cater For Every Lifestyle Need!

Whether you are looking for a 4×4 that you can tackle the wild in or a city-slicking SUV – the BAIC SUV models, Beijing X55 and B40 Plus, should be your first choice! With sleek designs and loads of technology, as well as user-friendly features, there are so many reasons why a BAIC SUV or BAIC 4X4 from Group1 is an excellent option for you.

Reasons To Own A BAIC SUV

Excellent design, smart technology and outstanding safety features come standard in a BAIC SUV, all at a reasonable price, making both the Beijing X55 and the B40 very attractive options.

The BAIC Beijing X55 SUV sets a new benchmark for compact SUVs in the market, with cutting-edge technology, next-generation design and excellent performance. This SUV appeals to anyone with sophisticated taste thanks to its futuristic design and extremely comfortable interior. Its versatility means that it can be used as a family SUV or company car.

If you are looking for a BAIC 4X4 option, the B40 Plus, offers a good all-wheel-drive system, loads of tech features and a rugged design that you would expect from an offroader. The B40 Plus SUV variants come standard with many safety features while the top-spec BAIC B40 Plus models have a few extras. Whether you are looking for reliability, safety or convenience, the BAIC B40 Plus can handle just about anything and comes at a very attractive price.

BAIC Beijing X55 SUV Turns Heads At An Affordable Price!

The BAIC Beijing X55 is a futuristic SUV that will get you noticed. Its sleek and sporty design, as well as quality finishes, make this car perfect for business or pleasure.

If you need a slick ride or family ride during the week but looking for adventure on weekends, then the Beijing X55 is for you. An SUV with the latest advanced smart technology, striking good looks, stellar performance, 5-star safety rating and commendable fuel efficiency, you can’t go wrong.

Inside, the Beijing X55 SUV offers a luxurious, comfy interior that ensures a relaxing driving experience. This SUV comes with seat cooling and heating, ambient interior lights, and a simple digital information cluster, plus plenty of space for everyone and their luggage.

Under the bonnet, the Beijing X55 boasts a 1.5-litre turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that pumps a respectable 130 kW and 305 Nm of torque. With this power, the Beijing X55 can reach 100 km/h in just 7.8 seconds, making it the fastest in its class!

If any of those reasons don’t convince you this is the right SUV for you, then you should know that the BAIC Beijing X55 SUV was a finalist in the 2023 South African Car of the Year (COTY) competition.

Nothing Tackles Terrain Like The B40 Plus SUV!

The BAIC B40 Plus is for the more hardcore 4×4 fans who want a vehicle that adapts to any terrain. This BAIC 4×4 copes well with high loads – it has a high-strength roll cage and excellent passing ability. In fact, this SUV has been rigorously tested in every condition imaginable.

However, the B40 Plus SUV isn’t just all muscle. Its square design does give away its military roots but it offers comfort, advanced tech features and a high-quality interior – all at a price that is very attractive.

You’ll also get all the power and performance you could need with this BAIC SUV with a 2.0-litre turbo four-cylinder powertrain. B40 Plus models are available with a six-speed automatic or manual gearbox.


The BAIC Beijing X55’s high-performance engine delivers power, fuel economy and a smooth ride at an SUV price that will surprise you! The BAIC B40 is priced competitively, offering generous features in all the models in the lineup. It’s the perfect car for anyone looking for something a little different that can tackle any drive.

  • BAIC Beijing prices start from R412,900*
  • BAIC B40 Plus prices start from R564,500*

*Prices accurate as of May 2023


If you’re in the market for a new BAIC SUV then the BAIC Beijing X55 and BAIC X40 Plus are both excellent choices. The Beijing X55 is perfect for families and professionals who want an affordable, good-looking compact SUV, while the B40 Plus is more for those who want to make adventure part of their lifestyle.

When looking for a used BAIC SUV, use the easy filtering tool to find a model that suits your requirements and then simply complete the enquiry form. Alternatively, you can also request a call from a salesperson at your nearest Group1 BAIC branch, who can assist you every step of the way.

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