BAIC Service Centre

When it comes to vehicle services, few companies can deliver the same level of expertise as our Group1 BAIC car service centres. With the company-wide philosophy of doing it right the first time, our vehicle repair specialists are committed to delivering quality vehicle maintenance every time. Our technicians are knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate about cars, which enables them to identify problems quickly so you can rest assured your BAIC service is done properly every time.


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Your BAIC Service Centres In South Africa

Your Group1 BAIC SUV service centre in Midrand, and Alberton (Gauteng) is conveniently situated with easy access.

Our expertly trained technicians are available to address any of your automotive concerns swiftly and professionally.

They will only use top-quality BAIC parts while adhering to specifications in your BAIC service manual.

Service Plans

BAIC is an international vehicle manufacturer with a few distinct models currently in South Africa with more potential launches in the future. This means there is a vested interest to provide vehicle service plans that will benefit everyone in the long term.

So, if you need a BAIC service, you couldn’t be in better hands than with Group1 thanks to our strong reputation, BAIC service plans and vehicle warranty.


The factory BAIC vehicle warranty is valid for 5 years/ 120,000km (B40 Plus) and 5 years/ 150,000km (Beijing X55), whichever comes first after the initial date of registration.

Included in the vehicle warranty on the Beijing X55 is an agreement with the Automobile Association of South Africa to provide roadside assistance and support for five years with unlimited kilometres.

Maintenance Plans

As part of your vehicle maintenance plan, the BAIC service intervals are 15,000km or every 12 months, whichever comes first. For more information, contact our Group1 BAIC team or consult your BAIC service manual.


All vehicles must be serviced and repaired at BAIC-approved dealerships, in accordance with BAIC standards, utilizing only genuine BAIC parts​ and components as determined by the BAIC vehicle warranty.

Please get in touch with the BAIC team for a full list of parts or components not covered under the BAIC vehicle warranty and service plan.

BAIC Vehicles We Can Service

BAIC Beijing X55 Service

Your BAIC Beijing X55 is a technologically advanced vehicle that needs routine maintenance to guarantee you get the most from this outstanding SUV.

Trust our certified technicians and top-notch facilities with up-to-date diagnostic equipment to provide unparalleled BAIC SUV services according to its maintenance plan.

BAIC B40 Plus Service

The only way to keep your BAIC B40 Plus running well while avoiding unnecessary and expensive repairs is by booking regular vehicle services.

Not only does this play a pivotal role in identifying and addressing minor problems before they become serious and unsafe but a full-service history also helps increase the resale value.

Group1 BAIC only works with the best of the best since expertly-made cars like the BAIC B40 Plus and the stylishly modern and futuristic Beijing X55 require a seasoned team of technicians. If you’re looking for a reliable, trustworthy and affordable BAIC service centre – Group1 should be number one on your speed dial.

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