Genuine BAIC Parts From A Trusted And Certified Supplier

If you want your BAIC to keep performing at its peak then you need to make sure that you use genuine BAIC parts so that the vehicle operates at it’s best – always. Did you know all BAIC vehicles must be serviced and repaired at BAIC-approved dealerships and utilise only genuine BAIC parts​ and components as determined by your BAIC vehicle’s warranty?

Group1 BAIC is an authorised BAIC car parts supplier and provides genuine BAIC engine parts to keep your car performing at its best. Choosing genuine parts fitted by Group1 BAIC will help you maintain the quality of your vehicle and ensure its longevity.

At Group1 BAIC, we ensure high-quality BAIC parts are always readily available when you visit any of our BAIC service centres.



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BAIC Parts for Sale

At Group1 we have an extensive range of genuine BAIC spare parts for sale for all BAIC models.

We stock BAIC SUV parts such as:

  • BAIC B40 Plus fuel pump
  • BAIC X55 gearbox
  • BAIC X55 clutch kit
  • BAIC engine parts
  • and more

While we have a large inventory of BAIC spares for newer models, the ordering process is quick and easy if we don’t have what you are looking for on hand.

If you want to find out about a specific part for your BAIC model then you can contact our BAIC Service Centres in Strand (Western Cape), Midrand and Alberton (Gauteng) will be able to assist you.


Why Choose Genuine BAIC Parts

In order to guarantee that your vehicle is maintained correctly, only OEM-approved service providers are qualified to do the repair or service work, and only OEM-approved parts should be used in the repair or service of your BAIC vehicle.

Reasons why genuine BAIC parts are important are: they maintain the quality of your vehicle; ensure its longevity; protect your warranty and service plan; work better; and protect the resale or trade-in value of your vehicle.

For more detailed information about our BAIC service team and how we work to keep your vehicle operating at its best, please visit our BAIC service page.


BAIC Engine Parts

Our comprehensive selection of BAIC spares at Group1 means that we have everything you need for repairs including BAIC X55 engine parts, as well as BAIC B40 Plus engine parts.

No matter what spares or parts your BAIC vehicle needs – Group1 will make sure you buy only the best BAIC parts at the best possible prices.

BAIC Parts Sourcing

If you’re searching for BAIC parts near you, Group1 has several branches in the Western Cape and Gauteng that can help you. We can deliver BAIC spares to almost anywhere in South Africa if those service centres are not close to you.

You can also contact Group1 BAIC to help you source parts or spares.

Contact Us For BAIC Spare Parts

At Group1 BAIC we are here to help you whether you’re looking for specific BAIC spares for sale or just need advice or simply want the best BAIC parts prices, our team is waiting to help you. Contact us today!

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